Our advice

As a result of the growth of tourism and the increasing number of people who are fond of bicycles, the Valencian Administration has published regulations for cyclists that it is good to know so that they can respect them.
Basic rules for road traffic, such as, for example, remember that it is not allowed to circulate on pavements, secure bicycles to street lamps or all urban furniture. In the city, children under 16 years of age are required to wear helmets, while adults are not, only if you wish to wear one, it will be included in the rental price.
This is the document that explains what you can and can’t do when travelling with two-wheeled vehicles: guidelines for travelling and visiting Valencia by bike.

Where to sleep in Valencia

Some tips on where to sleep or what to pack in your suitcase are in advance, so you will arrive prepared to enjoy your holiday in Valencia.
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What to bring to Valencia

What you need to pack is very simple, wear comfortable shoes and clothes, in Valencia you will need a lot of walking and cycling. Don’t forget the sunscreen! In Valencia, we are fortunate to have many days of the year accompanied by a warm sun, so a good sunscreen and a nice hat can be useful. Remember to moisturize, but don’t worry, in our shop we sell water and fresh thirstquenching drinks.